Layout ideas for staircases

For a house enthusiast, you would do anything to get the best for your house. Let’s say, you have made a decision to add a second story for you but feel like you need help with what staircase design you should go for.

Staircase that best fits your home

Straight stairs are the most popular and practical type to use in a home. If you are looking for a simple home, straight stairs give off a minimalist touch because it only goes straight across. A landing between flights of staircases may be a requirement to break up the span.

Usually, quarter-turn stairs are suitable for corners in your house. These stairs twist at a 90 degrees angle with a landing linking the change in direction. Compared to the straight stairs, the L-shaped design is a lot safer for risk falls and provides more privacy between floors.

Spiral stairs resemble a helical arc where the steps coil around a vertical post and are visually pleasing. It is compact and saves up space; but, it only has an entry for one person at a time and isn’t advisable for frequent use. It is also difficult to carry large items up and down the stairs.

The arched stairs is a traditional type of staircases that radiates with elegance and sophistication with its Renaissance feel. If you’re aiming for a house that looks luxurious, the arched stairs leave the impression of royalty once an individual sees it upon entry.

Bifurcated stairs are the kind of staircase you’d see in elegant houses and takes up a lot of space. These stairs start wide on the base and later on diverges into two narrow flights. A landing connects the wide and narrow flights of stairs.

If this has given you an idea of what staircase to go for, then it is time to build that home you’ve always dreamed of.